Ever been beaten in the voicemail dash? Well it’s time to gain a slight edge in the race. Whether you’re an iPhone, Android or Windows phone supporter or anything else for that matter, you can change the length of time your mobile phone rings for before going to voicemail.

The following steps will buy you those often much-needed few seconds.

Step 1

Call this number: *#61#

You should see something like this, displaying the number unanswered calls are forwarded to:

Call Forwarding
(Click image to enlarge)

Step 2

Note the Forwards To number and dismiss the message.

Step 3

Call *61*+ followed by the Forwards To number you noted in step 2 followed by *11*ringtimeinseconds# where ringtimeinseconds is the number of seconds you want your phone to ring for. You should have something that looks like this:


After calling this you should receive a message confirming that your settings have been updated:

Setting Activation Succeeded
(Click image to enlarge)

By default the time delay before going to voicemail is 20 seconds and apparently the maximum you can increase this to is 30 seconds. Give it a bash and hopefully you’ll win the race next time.