Some love it, some hate it but since the beginning of texting time predictive text hasĀ been around in various forms.

With the launch of iOS 8, Apple has introduced what they call QuickType. QuickType goes one step further than predictive text in that it not only suggests words as you type but also suggests words before you have even begun to type the next word. Pretty cool hey? What’s even cooler is that it bases it’s suggestions on who you’re writing to, your previous conversations and your writing style. If you want to read it from the horses mouth, check it out here.

QuickType can be toggled on and off in two way. Firstly, directly on the keyboard and secondly, in Settings.

The Quick Way

The first thing to do is to press and hold the globe to the left of the keyboard.

Press and hold the globe

What you’ll see now is a list of all the installed keyboards as well as the toggle switch to turn QuickType (Predictive Text) on or off.

Press the toggle switch

And that folks is the quick and easy way.

The Long Way

Here we’ll diving into Settings, scroll down to General and in General scroll down to Keyboard. On the next screen you’ll see the toggle switch to turn Predictive Text on or off.

Press the toggle switch to turn Predictive Text on or off

And that folks is the long way, although, not so long.


Well there you have it, two quite simple ways to enable or disable QuickType on your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

There are those it annoys, those who it helps and those who turn it into poetry, albeit pretty bad poetry. Check out some Predictive Poetry here.